May. 13th, 2017

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So what has been happening lately in my world of Pros. I have recently finished reading the fic SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY by M Fae Glasgow, having read this previously i knew what to expect but even so i found myself once again shaken and entranced by this story. It grabs hold of you and doesn't let go and if this is the evidence of Bodie in a full melt down then it's just how i would imagine with Doyle beside him, fighting to be let back into his very existence. I have also read HOLDING BACK THE FLOOD by Lacey McBain and ARMY GAMES by Sebastian. I have also watched three episodes including WILD JUSTICE, DISCOVERED IN A GRAVEYARD and DEAD RECKONING and i visited a place nearby called Bygone Times which is a huge wharehouse dealing in Antiques and vintage books etc and i bought the first Professionals annual again , well i can't leave it on the shelf, it had to come home with me,finally i treated myself to some Lewis memorabilia which i bought on ebay and that is my world of The Professionals wrapped up for this week.


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